Pakistan climbers killers escape

Nanga Parbat is the worlds ninth highest mountain

Two militants on trial for killing a group of climbers at a base camp of Pakistans Nanga Parbat mountain in 2013 have broken out of prison

Police said they were searching for the pair Another militant who had fled with them had been killed and a fourth was captured

Taliban militants raided the camp in June 2013 forcing 10 climbers to kneel before shooting them

About 20 people were arrested and face trial for the attack

The assault was the worst attack on foreigners in Pakistan in a decade

At least 15 gunmen dressed in the uniform of local security forces carried out the attack

Correspondents say the base camp is at a height of 4200m (13779 ft) meaning the attackers would have had to travel for at least 18 hours by foot or by mule

The foreign victims were identified as American Chinese Ukrainian Slovakian Lithuanian and Nepali One Pakistani porter also died and officials believe he may have been targeted because he was a Shia Muslim

Nanga Parbat the worlds ninth highest mountain at 8126m above sea level is popular with trekkers and mountaineers especially during June and July